Formula Alpha - 1988 - McLenna MC4


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v1.3 (2017/01/28):
- Renamed Skins folders.
- Renamed KN5 + Lods.ini.
- New Skin add in R04 Skins Folder (12_Senna_R01).
- Fixed Marlboro Color (25% more orange in).
- Fixed Shell and GoodYear logos size on the FWing.
- Fixed AO Skin map RWing area + Nose.
- Fixed Shell Logo size on the sidepods.
- Physics Update (Aero + Blown Diffuser added).
- New previews will have to be done due to new color, logos modification, AO and because of the new skin.
- Tyres shader improvement.

v1.2 (2017/01/13):
-Renamed folders and car name in car.ini to vrc_mclaren_mp44_r0x.
-Added new UI renders, new badge.png and logo.png.
-Fixed lights not working in LOD_B.
-Fixed LOD_B wrong rear wing.
-Improved rear wing animation.
-Fixed flames.ini Log error (GROUP).
-Fixed front wing bottom reflections.
-Fixed suitbelt willans logo.
-Improved AO maps.
-Added wallpapers made by nancorocks.
-Various shader tweakings.
- Physics Update.
- Sound Update.

v1.1 (2016/11/02) -- For AC Update 1.9.2:
- Sound Fix
- Rearlight Fixed
- Physics Update