ARC TA2 - Chevrette


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ARC TA2 class rules specify a tubular chassis, and a Chevrette (Gen 5 & 6). The minimum base weight (including driver and any driver gear) for all cars is 2,830 pounds. The costs of shock absorbers, brake calipers & pads, and wheels are controlled, and no titanium or carbon fiber components are allowed. Only the driver's seat and Derhaag single plane rear wing may be constructed using carbon fiber. TA2 is currently ARC's most popular class among competitors.

TA2 engines are similar to TA engines, except that they must be supplied by an ARC Approved and Certified Engine Builder/Rebuilder, and use fuel injection rather than a carburetor, as well as an ARC certified inlet restrictor plate, as maximum power is limited to 490 HP and 447 lb-ft of torque. Engines must comply with all TA2 engine regulations, and are sealed by the builder/rebuilder. As per current rules, "Nothing may direct or force air to the filter or housing." Transmissions must be commercially available, "H pattern" manual units with four forward gear ratios (1:1 fourth gear ratio, and no overdrive) and a reverse gear. Sequential shift mechanisms are not allowed, nor are shift-without-lift mechanisms. Traction Control devices or systems that function independently of the driver are strictly prohibited, as is ABS (Anti-skid Braking System).

V1.0 (2021/12/25):
- Release version.