Formula NA - 2021


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Designed to compete in the 2021 Formula NA championship in the USA. Powered by turbocharged 2.2L v6 engines, this car is capable of around 770 HP for a total weight around 770 Kg.
The road configuration is used on both city street courses and racetrack.


V1.1 (2021/06/12):
-Changed flames definition that would cause FPS drops when using certain CSP versions.
-Added some small front wing animations changes to the ROAD and SHORT OVAL kits.
-Tweaked the position and shape of the OVAL kit front wing.
-Modified the shape of the OVAL kit rear wing.
-Added a couple of new textures called: “” and “” that will make skinning of several
parts of the car way easier. Template included in the templates folder.
-Fixed a problem where you could see through the steering wheel leds.
-Tweaked brake discs UV mappings.
-Fixed right front front disc pivot point.
-Slight tweak over dampers and rolling resistance parameters.

V1.0 (2021/05/30):
-Release version.