Prototype - ByCollin P1


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VRC - Prototype Series - ByCollin P1.

The ByCollin P1, is a sports prototype racing car built for the Austrian and Romanian based team ByCollin. It is designed to meet the 2014 Prototype regulations for the Endurance Championship as well as at the 24 Hours race. The P1 debuted at the 2014 6 Hours of Track of the Americas, round four of the Endurance Championship.

V1.5 (2021/11/28):
- Adjusted aeromaps.
- New lights and CSP lights settings.
- New optional physics (rebalanced/fixes).

V1.4 (2021/11/21):
- Adjusted steering lock to avoid wheels clipping the car body.
- Updated tyres, removed the Soft-Cold compound.
- Adjusted brakes parameters.
- Set up day race lights.
- Sound volume balanced.

V1.3 (2021/05/22):
-Tyre thermal model tweaks.
-Gearbox shifting timings tweaks.
-Textures improvement.
-Side position lights implemented via CSP Extension.

V1.2 (2021/04/11):
-Updated tyres (Thermal model, inertias, reduced graining).
-Changed steering ratio to 14 on both cars.
-Updated power/torque curves.
-Fixed an issue with the AI flipping over kerbs.

V1.1 (2021/04/03):
-Slight model resize.
-Added cockpit track map.
-Tweaked windshield model.
-Sound improvements.
-Updated aeromaps.
-Updated brakes thermal parameters.
-Reworked suspension (Steering geometry, dampers, stiffness, ride heights).
-Updated tyre model (Slip angles,Load sensitivity,thermal model and stiffness).
-Added two compounds: Hards and Soft-Cold for extreme weather conditions, for most tracks and normal
conditions Mediums and Softs (Hot) will still be the best).
-Increased the engine's peak power to 693bhp from 665bhp, shifting RPM is now 8800.

v1.0 (2020/12/24):
-Release version.