Formula NA - 1999


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V1.5 (2021/08/08):
-Updated tyres.
-Updated suspension.
-Tweaked engine torque.
-New front and rear wing anims.
-Fixed issue where driver with no skins would miss textures.

V1.4 (2020/08/02):
-Corrected weight and inertias.
-Updated suspension.
-Minor tweaks to tyre grip.
-New UI VRC logos.

v1.3 (2019/04/29):
-Changed UI “brand” to VRC.

v1.2 (2018/09/09):
-Now all skins come in its proper folders, avoiding any issue where users forgot to install them manually.
-Tyres update : wider slip angles for the oval tyres, and improved heat dispersion.
-Lowered downforce on the oval kit (-15%)
-General engine, suspension tweaks.

v1.1 (2018/06/24):
-Slight changes to the front suspension.
-Fixed setup descriptions.
-Small audio tweaks.
-Correct GUIDs to sfx folders.

v1.0 (2018/06/22):
-Release version.