Formula Alpha - 2007 - Ferrenzo F07


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v1.2 (2021/04/11):
-Folder and kn5 names shortened to avoid shared memory issues.
-Fixed cockpit fins animation.

v1.1 (2021/03/13):
-Car renamed using fantasy brands.
-Completely new model.
-CSP Extension files added: tyre textures change according to tyre compound changes ingame. (Please note
that the only tyre with a different texture is the SS compound).
-Updated steering geometry.
-Tweaked tyres load sensitivities.

v1.0 (2018/06/30):
-Public release version.

v0.3 (2018/04/01):
-New skins added.
-Skins now use skin.ini.
-Added damage model and textures.
-Added dirt/dust textures.
-Added front rim cover (Optional).
-New tyres 3D model and textures.
-Updated physics to match latest AC build.
-Tweaked sounds and physics according to our supporters feedback.
-Added LODs.

-New sounds.
-Fixed skins denomination.
-Fixed rear left suspension animations.
-Improved car body and tyre shaders and textures.
-New tyre 3D model.
-Smoothed exhausts.

v0.1 (2017/02/12):
-Imported the model ingame, worked all shaders, reworked all textures.
-New custom driver.
-Scratch made new sounds.
-Scratch made new physics.